Why is a Consistent Sleep Schedule Important?

The Big Two of Sleep

There are two main things that help us sleep at night and stay awake during the day. The first is sleep pressure, or the need to sleep. The second is our circadian rhythm or internal clock.

Homeostatic Sleep Pressure

Homeostasis is a balance. We all like to be balanced in life. For example, we don’t like to be too hungry or too full. The same is true for sleep, where we stay balanced through most of the day.

  • Since it can also be hard to turn off your brain in the “dark hours,” consider using the Zepp Aura or other relaxation strategies to help you return to sleep.

Circadian Rhythm/Internal Clock

Most people notice their internal clock when they travel across time zones, or when daylight saving time starts or ends. Then you have to get your body clock to match your watch or wall clock.

  • To help keep your internal clock on schedule, dim all bright lights after dinner, using only small lamps. In the morning, get lots of natural bright sunlight exposure.

Social Jetlag

  • For optimal sleep health, try not to shift your bedtime and wake time by more than one hour.

Bottom Line

While challenging, maintaining a consistent bedtime and wake time every night is one of the most important keys for optimal sleep health.



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